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Fumagalli E27 Filament LED Lamp 6 Watt 2700K

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  • E27 Filament LED Lamp 6W 2700K is a high-quality and energy-efficient lighting solution for various applications.
  • It features a standard E27 screw base that makes it easy to install in most lighting fixtures.
  • With a power consumption of 6 watts, this LED lamp can replace traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs of up to 60 watts, resulting in significant energy savings.
  • The lamp emits a warm white light with a color temperature of 2700K, providing a cozy and comfortable ambiance in homes, offices, or other indoor spaces.
  • The filament LED technology used in this lamp provides a vintage-style look that resembles traditional incandescent bulbs.
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E27 Filament LED Lamp by Fumagalli is an energy-efficient lighting solution that offers a warm and inviting glow to any room. With a power rating of 6 watts and a color temperature of 2700K, this lamp provides ample illumination while consuming significantly less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. The filament LED technology used in this lamp creates a vintage, retro look that adds a touch of charm and character to your space. The lamp is designed with an E27 base, making it compatible with a wide range of fixtures and fittings.


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