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ABB TEF4-ON Frontal Electronic Timer

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Product Highlights
  • Precision Time Control: The TEF4-ON Frontal Electronic Timer by ABB offers highly accurate time control, ensuring precise timing in industrial applications.
  • Frontal Timer Control: This timer's user-friendly frontal interface simplifies control and settings, enhancing usability.
  • Reliable Performance: ABB is renowned for producing dependable, high-quality electrical products, and the TEF4-ON electronic timer upholds this standard.
  • Versatile Time Control: Suitable for an array of industrial applications, from machinery control to automation and more.
  • ABB Quality Assurance: Trust in ABB's established reputation for quality and innovation in the field of electrical equipment.
  • Space-Efficient Design: The compact design of this electronic timer allows for easy integration into your existing industrial setups, saving space and streamlining installation.
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About the Product

TEF4-ON is a frontal electronic timer used to realize the timing function and allow a compact solution in the cabinet compared to separate timers. TEF4 electronic timers are front-mounted and locked on AF, AFC contactors or NF, NFC contactor relays. A mechanical indicator allows to show the state of the contactor. TEF4 electronic timers are supplied by a direct plug-in parallel connection to the coil terminals A1 - A2 of the contactor or contactor relay. A varistor is integrated on the timer to offer a built-in protection against surges in the contactor coil. The TEF4 is available for a wide control voltage range 24...240 V AC/DC. TEF4 allow time-delayed functions up to 100 s in 3 distinct time ranges, independently of the control system. The time delay ranges are selected by a switch and the time delay can be adjusted by means of a rotary switch. The timing function of TEF4-ON is activated by closing the device on which the timer is mounted.

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  • Product Net Width :43 mm
  • Product Net Weight :0.065 kg
  • Product Net Height :41.6 mm
  • Product Net Depth / Length :67.7 mm
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