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ABB AF12-30-10-11 24- Contactor 12A 3 Pole

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  • Versatile Voltage Control: The ABB AF12-30-10-11 is designed for precise voltage control, supporting a wide range of voltages, including 24-60V 50/60Hz and 20-60VDC.
  • Reliable Electrical Switching: This contactor ensures efficient and reliable electrical switching, making it suitable for a variety of applications.
  • ABB Quality: ABB is known for delivering high-quality electrical products, and the AF12-30-10-11 is no exception, built to withstand the demands of various electrical systems.
  • Wide Range of Applications: This contactor is suitable for use in a broad range of industrial and commercial settings, making it a versatile solution for different needs.
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The AF12-30-10-11 is a 3 pole - 690 V IEC or 600 UL contactor with 1 built-in auxiliary contact and screw terminals, controlling motors up to 5.5 kW / 400 V AC (AC-3) or 7-1/2 hp / 480 V UL and switching power circuits up to 28 A (AC-1) or 28 A UL general use. Thanks to the AF technology, the contactor has a wide control voltage range (24-60 V 50/60 Hz and 20-60 V DC), managing large control voltage variations, reducing panel energy consumptions and ensuring distinct operations in unstable networks. Furthermore, surge protection is built-in, offering a compact solution. AF contactors have a block type design, can be easily extended with add-on auxiliary contact blocks and an additional wide range of accessories.

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  • Product Net Width :45 mm
  • Product Net Weight :0.27 kg
  • Product Net Height :86 mm
  • Product Net Depth / Length :77 mm
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