Brand : MESC , NCI

Flexible Cable 2.5mm X 3 Core Roll

SKU : FC-3X2.5
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Product Highlights
  • Three Cores: The cable roll contains three insulated cores, providing flexibility for multiple electrical functions.
  • 2.5mm Size: The 2.5mm core size ensures efficient power transmission while maintaining flexibility.
  • Flexible Construction: This cable is designed to be flexible, allowing for easy routing and installation around obstacles.
  • Color-Coded Cores: Each core is color-coded for quick and accurate identification during installation.
  • Convenient Roll: The cable is provided in a roll format for easy storage, handling, and customized cutting.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for a wide range of indoor electrical applications, including lighting and appliances.
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2.5mm 3 Core Flexible Cable Roll, designed to meet a variety of electrical wiring needs. This roll features three insulated cores, each color-coded for easy identification, encased within a robust outer jacket. The 2.5mm core size strikes a balance between power transmission and flexibility, making it suitable for various indoor applications. Whether you're installing lighting, appliances, or power distribution, our 2.5mm 3 Core Flexible Cable Roll provides reliable and convenient electrical connections.

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