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ABB TF42-5.7 Thermal Overload Relay 4.2 ... 5.7 A

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  • Motor Protection: The TF42-5.7 Thermal Overload Relay by ABB is designed to safeguard your motors, preventing overheating and ensuring efficient operation.
  • Current Range: With a current range of 4.2 to 5.7 A, this overload relay caters to a specific range of motor currents, offering precise protection.
  • Dependable Safeguarding: ABB is renowned for producing dependable, high-quality electrical products, and the TF42-5.7 overload relay upholds this standard.
  • Wide Application: Suitable for various industrial applications where motor protection is essential for reliable and safe operation.
  • ABB Quality Assurance: Trust in ABB's established reputation for quality and innovation in the field of electrical equipment.
  • Compact Design: The overload relay's space-efficient design allows for easy integration into your existing motor control systems, saving space and simplifying installation.
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The TF42-5.7 thermal overload relay is an economic electromechanical protection device for the main circuit. It offers reliable and fast protection for motors in the event of overload or phase failure. The device has trip class 10. Further features are the temperature compensation, trip contact (NC), signal contact (NO), automatic- or manual reset selectable, trip-free mechanism, STOP function and a trip indication. The overload relays are connected directly to the block contactors. Single mounting kits are available as accessory.

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  • Product Net Width :45 mm
  • Product Net Weight :0.13 kg
  • Product Net Depth / Length :70.5 mm
  • Product Net Height :88.3 mm
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