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Topex Litex LED Spot Bulb 5 Watt GU 5.3 3000K White

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Product Highlights
  • 5W LED MR16 lamp with 240V COB technology for energy-efficient lighting
  • Warm 3000K color temperature for a cozy and inviting warm white light
  • COB technology provides focused lighting with minimal light dispersion
  • Energy-efficient design reduces electricity consumption and saves on costs
  • Long lifespan and minimal heat generation for extended use and safety
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About the Product

Topex LED MR16 Lamp offers a high-quality lighting solution that combines energy efficiency and a warm, inviting glow. With its 5W power consumption and advanced 240V COB technology, this lamp provides excellent lighting performance while saving on energy costs.

Featuring a warm 3000K color temperature, the MR16 lamp emits a cozy and comfortable warm white light. This color temperature creates an inviting atmosphere, making it ideal for residential spaces, restaurants, or areas where a relaxing ambiance is desired.

Equipped with COB (Chip-on-Board) technology, this MR16 lamp delivers a focused beam of light, minimizing light dispersion and providing precise lighting control. Whether you need accent lighting or spot lighting to highlight specific objects or create a cozy nook, this lamp delivers warm and directed illumination.

  • Voltage :220V-240V
  • Frequency :50 HZ
  • IP :20
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